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We have been in the pet waste business since January 2012. I started this company because I believe in saving the environment. One way, is to remove hazardous dog waste from yards. Dog poop can contain parasites and diseases that is toxic and harmful to humans. As dog poop sits in yards, the rain water rolls over it and into the bay! Pup Poo Bags is happy to help save the environment by providing commerical strength bags to assist dog owners in picking up what their furry friends left behind.  I find it satisfying to care for dogs and allow them to have a clean yard to play in. I know many people don't enjoy picking up after their pets. So that's where we come in. We help people maintain an eye pleasing yard. We are family-owned and are based in the county of San Diego, California. Since opening, we’ve treated every customer like they were family. We are here to serve you because without you, there would be no Pup Poo Bags. We strive to make you proud to display a clean yard. Give us a try and you will be glad you chose a company who puts you first. Other companies may offer similar services, but our service comes with a personal touch. 
​I have been involved in businesses for most of my adult life. I have an extensive background on cleaning and scooping yards. Starting out as a young teenager running my own lawn business and then to a dog waste company as an adult. I've owned several dogs in my life, both large breed and small breed dogs. I was active duty military for several years where I served overseas and here in the USA. I've held a past position as Chairman of the Employee Council with a Colorado State government job and on the Board of Directors for a large Home Owner's Association where we dealt with lawn care. I obtained my Bachelor's of Science degree from San Diego State University and have continued to educate myself and learn in order to provide the best service possible to our customers.  I believe in integrity and honesty. I will always give you a straight forward answer with no hidden costs. Pup Poo Bags is here to provide you with outstanding service in helping you obtain and maintain the yard you deserve!

- Jose, CEO